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The infrastructure of the Karsan Jest includes the engine and batteries of the BMW i3.

Turkey's pride in the automotive industry, light and heavy commercial vehicle manufacturer Karsan, has introduced a fully electric version of the van model called Jester.

We also learn that the BMW i3 engine, powered by the Gest Electric, is 125 kw, or 170 horsepower. The battery capacity of the vehicle will be 33 kw-hours and 66 kw-hours. BMW has even increased the capacity of the BMW i3 batteries to 44 kw-hours and 88 kw-hours in recent months. These batteries will also be offered at the Jest Electric.

The range of the 33, 44, 66 and 88 kw-hour batteries are 80 km, 105 km, 165 km and 210 km respectively. Finally, the maximum speed of the vehicle is 70 km / h. Karsan Jest Electric, which has all these features, will be sold in Europe and USA.

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