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Breakthrough innovation in the transport industry: Electric-powered driverless truck!

The Swedish company Einride, which specializes in transport, has developed a truck that has the potential to break ground in the land transportation sector. The nice thing is that this truck works with electricity and doesn't need a driver!

This. E-truck, called T-pod, can carry up to 15 pallets of standard size. Moreover, you can load 20 tons of goods in the truck. In addition, the T-pod can travel up to 200 kilometers on a single charge. Yes, all of these are important features, but perhaps the biggest advantage that the truck provides is without driver, so the T-pod, as you can understand, is self-driving. You can even control the car with the remote control.

The Einride company is planning to use the truck first among the cities of Gothenburg and Helsingborg. Within the scope of the plans, around 2.000.000 pallets will be transported on this route but almost no damage will be made to the environment and no emission will be released. T-pod is only 7 meters long. Not too long, the T-pod moves very comfortably and smoothly and does not produce much waste.  "We wanted to open the ground for the transportation industry by developing this tool",  says CEO Filip Lilja. "Giant companies that produce trucks are trying to increase productivity by manufacturing larger vehicles, but the higher the vehicles are, the higher emissions emitted to the environment. But we are very different from each other, and we produce affordable and environmentally friendly solutions."

What are the goals of Einride, founded by Robert Falc, an entrepreneur and a former Volvo employee? The company aims to change the transportation sector, which cannot keep up with the requirements of the era, in a short time. Company managers plan to produce and sell 200 T-pods by 2020.


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